The boat

"Exactly what kind of boat is this?"
“A special kind miss. It’s called a pleasure boat. You can be here for up to a week. The crew members will do there absolute best to cater to you sexual appitite. You can keep whoever you choose at the end.”
“That’s it?”
“Yes. Well I had best get started.”
“Who would you like.”
He smiled.
“Follow me” I smiled. I pulled him into the nearest loo. This ship was huge. Like a pirate ship. But with modern facility’s below deck. There was 2 girls in the bathroom. “Get out” the man instructed. They giggled and left. I was wearing a mini-skirt with no underwear and a bikini top. The man, like all those on deck, were in in just a pair of swimming trunks. I jumped on the sink. Legs spread. “You have ten minutes” I said. “I cum lots. You don’t until I tell you to. Ok?” The man nodded. He grabbed my breasts and pushed the nipples- painfully hard. Grabbed at them, pulled them. He forced his tounge down my throat. Hungrily I returned his kiss and pulled his trunks down. “Lick me” I moaned. Instantly his head sunk to my snach. His tounge slowly licked my clit. Then he but it softly. I began to moan. Using my feet to push him further inside. “Fingers” I begged. He forced 2 fingers inside me without hesitation. He licked my clit at the same time. I grabbed the sink to hold on to. “Yes. Oh my god yes. Fuck yes. Uhhhhhh. YES.” His arms were round my waist yelling my body closer. My hips began to rock against him. I fondled my breasts. I felt my first orgasm hit me like a wall. It kept going. He kept going. I cycled through another organ before panting. “PUT YOUR COCK IN ME NOW!!” He stood up quickly. And kissed me. I could taste my cum in his mouth. I felt his cock rub against my clot playfully. But I needed more. Using my hands against his back. I dug my nails in. And dragged them down almost to his arse. I drew blood. It got. What I wanted. He forced himself inside me. I grunted. He began going in and out gently. I moaned and bit hard into the nape of his neck. He groaned. Going faster and faster. Harder. Like a mad man. He began gasping. I smiled. “Now. Now cum. Cum inside me.” He pumped a few times. Each time he hit my g spot and I felt a my pussy flash red hot. Then I felt him cum. It was powerful. I came over him.
He pulled out of me. Wipping his shorts up he smiled. And helped me down from my perch. I kissed him briefly.

Half an hour later and I had my eye on two people. A man on the sun lounger next to me. And a perky breasted woman playing beach volleyball. They were all for my choosing. So I caught here eye and made a come here motion with my hand. Smiling, she dropped the ball. The game forgotten. The man next to. Me was asleep. Gently I knelt over to his crotch I put my hand down his shorts. As I suspected, he was huge. 10 inches at least. And thick. I couldn’t get my hand round. Gently I pumped him to attention. Then once he was at full mast. I licked from his shorts slowly upwards to his face. I don’t know when he woke up. But when my lips met his he was define tilt awake. I stood up and grabbed their hands. Leading the pair of them to the nearest room. As soon as we were there I made them undress, and myself. Then I lept on the girl. Forcing her down on the bed. Fondling her breasts. I looked around. This room, like all rooms, was littered with sex toys. I grabbed a curve dildo and slowly inserted it into her. Kneeling on all fours I felt the guy behind me begin to stir. He walked over. Covering his huge penis with lube from a nearby bottle. Slowly he squeezed himself inside me. Going all the way in, about halfway it began to be painful, buy the time he was inside I gasped. It felt like I was breaking in two. He started going almost out and back in. Gently. Stretching me out. So I continued with the girl. I wasn’t gentle. I bit hard into her breast. Shoving the curve in and out. She was moaning I no time. The guy behind me had begun to speed up. I grunted.


The first time we kissed was at a party. He wasn’t the first person I kissed that night. But he was the last. We were both a little drunk. But not terribly so. We both smiled at each other. Then I stood on my tip toes and met his lips. It was only ment to be a quick snog. But it kept going. The people around us were giggling so I held his hand and pulled him the other side of the room. His tounge was so rough and strong against me, his stubble beard was soft to my chin. When he found out I was on tip toes he crooked his neck down so I didn’t have to stretch. And every now and again a little moan would escape him that made me feel unbelivibly sexy. Slowly I dug my nails into the back of his neck and he moaned louder. And that was it. I knew I wanted him. But then my mate came to drag me away. “Don’t go anywhere” I whispered. Nibbling his chin slightly. I walked away with Charlie. “What” I asked as patiently as I could. “Sam has a crush on him. You can’t keep making out with him. Your really hurting her feelings.” I really wish she hadn’t told me. Now that I knew I was under moral obligation to stop. “Ok fine” I said. I went back to the party to get a shot. Because I knew I had no intention of stopping. I walked back into the kitchen to see the school skank all over him. And he wasn’t saying no. My blood practically boiled.
Then I remembered you could see the stairs from the kitchen. I sat on the stairs and looked at him. I pulled my finger in a come here motion. The I gradually stood up and walked up the stairs. I stood at the top waiting. It took less the 30seconds for him to get to the bottom and start climbing. I held out my hand and smiled.
A cursory look at the bottom of the stairs told me Sam was there watching me in horror. And a cursory glance into my mind showed I could give a crap.
He grabbed my hand and followed me into the nearest room. He kicked the door shut. And we kissed again. And if I didn’t know better. I would have said he was holding back on me before. I walked backwards with I’m and we toppled onto the bed. He lay on top of me. My hand reached under his top and felt his torso. He moaned again as I squeezed his peck. I tore his shirt off. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him closer. His hand began to slip up my leg while the other wrapped round my waist. He moaned again and I felt his erection over me. I began to softly grind against it. He moaned again and I kissed him harder. He rocked against me. With some serious skill on my part I undid the side zipper on my dress without having to stop. His hand slipped inside and popped open the bra. I slipped it off my arms. He groped them not soft but not hard. He moan again his erection now rock hard under his jeans. His hand had now found its way up my leg and was slipping under my underwear. When his finger touched my already swollen clit I gasped. Slowly he circled round and round. I began to thrust my hips into it. He used a second finger and I gasped again. “Too much?” He whispered. Stopping. I shook my head. “Don’t you dare stop” he smiled and started again. Faster this time. I continued to kiss him. Moaning between kisses and saying a lot of thing that generally ment if he dared to stop what he was doing I would kill him. My breathing got more rapid and I felt it coming. So did he and he went faster and faster. Till I couldn’t speak. I was still being kissed and I continued to groan. And then I orgasmed. He continued through my orgasm. It went on forever. And when he was done I couldn’t stop myself. I wrapped my hips round him and tumbled across the bed until I was straddling him. I undid his jeans button and the zipper. Yanking the off before pulling his pants off to. I leaned down and kissed him. Slowly. My morals melted. I stood up and pulled off my underwear. I flung them in the pile with the rest of our chlothes. Slowly I sat down ontop of his cock.

I didn’t mean to summon him, but I just did- my boyfriend broke up with me after college, my best friend is uber Christian- she said, “Pray, god will help you” at which point I said- only Satan can help me now- when I walked back into my room. The most gorgeous guy i had ever seen was there, my loins swirled. I grabbed the door because my legs almost ran to him. It was hard not to move.

“Who are you?” I asked in a strained voice,

“I’m the devil”

“Sure, why not it makes perfect sense. Can i help”

“You summoned me, so can I help you?” “Fuck me” “What?” “Fuck me, like right now” “You don’t wanna do that” “I really, really do” I was getting wetter by the second, my hand dropped the door handle I leapt onto him. I couldn’t control it, i was so horny i could die, and i knew he was the only one that could quench the thirst. Even now touching his perfectly bronzed skin, i felt better, his almost black hair felt like velvet on my fingers. His lips against my tounge. “You don’t wanna do this” he moaned, even his voice turned me on “Yes I do. I want you” i whispered as i kissed his neck “You’ll regret this” “I don’t care!” I screamed as I unbuttoned his jeans. Scrabbling desperately for his beautiful cock. “You have been warned” He chuckled greedily, finally giving into my desires. His lips met mine, the kiss would have brought me to my knees if I wasn’t already sat on him. Everywhere his fingers touched me felt like lightning. “I will fill you with more pleasure that you or anyone else on the planet has ever experienced. And I’m so sorry” He pulled me onto the bed away from his cock. His fingers trickled down to my shorts, his hand slipped in and circled my clit, it took only a few moments before i felt like Cumming. I began to whimper. Pushing my hips into his fingers. Moaning and moaning. I was already soaking with precum. Then he stopped touching me at all. “I’m going to fuck you now” I nodded furiously. i was more wet than i had ever been. He ripped my clothes off, i was naked in all of a second, and so was he. I lay on my back, legs dangling off the bed. He was stood over me, his dick so close to my cunt it hurt. “Do you want my cock inside you?” I nodded, “Do you need it? Do you need my dick, to ram inside you, making you orgasm until you cant walk strait” i moaned and nodded frantically. “Beg” he whispered “Please, please give me you cock, i need your cock inside me, i need you to fuck me please! I’ll do anything just fuck me!” He smiled, and slipped inside, I gasped he was so big i thought i would break. Slowly he pushed all the way inside me, “Shit” i moaned. He did start slow, but not soft, the pain was pleasure. “Oh my Fuck, Faster, God Baby Faster” He stopped abruptly “No. No god, not any more, not for you, not ever do you understand?” “Yes” i nodded, he started fucking my again, faster now, his balls hitting my arse. “YES, BABY YES, FUCK! FASTER, HARDER” he looked surprised but obliged. I started screaming, i couldn’t form words. But soon i felt myself cum, squirting all over him, he didnt stop not for a second he watched as i cycled through three orgasms, his cock was doing things i never thought possible to my body. he let up for a second, i watched as he looked at me, his head at my pussy. He got his tongue out, it was long, and pronged like a snake. Before i had a moment to comprehend it. He went down on me, and i was screaming in seconds. He held my hips to keep me from scrambling away. His tounge rocked my world. The room began to spin. Before long i came again. Gasping for breath. He lay down at the center of the bed, i thought maybe we were done, but then he picked me up like i was a feather, placing me ontop of his rock hard cock. I moaned as he lifted me up and down. Like I weighed nothing to him. “Shit. Oh yes. Yes baby that’s it. Oh FUCK. Yes baby keep going. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK- AUHHH.” I was in do much pain it was indescribable. I was crying. Tears streaming down my cheeks. He sat up. Still inside me. Still rocking me up and down on to his unyielding dick. He kissed my breast. It was like static. He kissed up my neck-still static. Reaching my lips his softly bit my lip. I whimpered with pleasure. His hand left my hips and I begand to rock back and forth. Up and down. Side to side. In a circle. Grinding against his cock in every way I could think of. Again he almost looked supprised. But only for a moment. His eyes locked with mine. They were so deep- it was like looking in to the depths of life itself. His hands delicately held my face. And all of a sudden the moment hand turn for rough to intimate. I gulped. Grinding slowly. He lifted my chin, bringing my lips to his. The kiss was slow- and an unfamiliar warmth started to spread from my snatch. I Froze in surprise. But it didn’t seem to affect him at all. He still had his tounge swirling slowly in my mouth. It was almost like he wanted to stop but couldn’t. I started to wonder if he needed me as much as I needed him. His arms twisted under my waist gently squeezing by butt. He drug his nails in and dragged them down my thigh. I gasped. I snaked my arms around his neck. Beginning to grind faster and deeper against him. He kissed me again. Strongly this time. I bit his lip. And he let out a small anamilistic growl. And then it was rough again. He leaned over ontop of me. Forcing his cock into my snatch. I whimpered. He withtrackedted it before ramming it back in. Harder than before. I was forced up the bed. He begun going faster and faster until all I saw was a blur. And all I felt was agony and ecasty.


Quietly I walked across the princes room. Climbed the bed, I mounted him. Hooking the back of my feet over his legs and pinning him down. I drew my shadow knife and raised it to his throat. Examining him I saw he was attractive, at least for a human but even by our standards. His eyes fluttered open. They were grey, like the wolves I used to run with, but bigger, more human, almost kinder.
“Hello” he said gently. I pushed the knife up against him, almost piercing the skin. He gargles in discomfort.
“Don’t talk. For once in your spoiled life just listen” he took a moment before gesturing me to continue. “My name is Renn Fastpaw. Slaughterer of a thousand humans, child of the moon and the stars. The last of my know species, I have traveled half the know world to find you, for my vengeance. You father took everything from me. I’m going to repay the favour- starting with his only heir”
“Your a werewolf?”
“NO! I am a lycan. Werewolf are just children, swayed into a murder frenzy every time to moon is full. I can shift when I wish I am faster, stronger and smarter than any werewolf you will meet. Are we clear?” He nodded slowly.
“Wow, I’ve never actually seen one of you up close before-
“There is only one of me” I growled pushing the blade in slightly.
He didn’t say anything. Neither did I. We just stared. I became aware of how little I was wearing. Two skimpy rags that just covered everything, but allowed me to shift between forms. Among my people this would be considered normal. But human women cover themselves up like the sun will kill them. He was unlikely to have ever seen a woman in such… Detail, because human also didn’t have cubs unless they were locked to each other forever. There was even a ceremony! He clearly became aware of it to. Because his eyes left mine and slowly traced down my body. Having his eyes on made me feel oddly good.
Snapping myself out of it I used the knife to pull his eyes back to mine. He smiled. I could feel his cock hardening under me. Slowly he reached his hands to my waist, where he rolled us over until I was under him, knife still at his throat. I didn’t know what to do. How to cope. My ears backwards. But I didn’t bear my fangs. My tail flicked In irritation. His hand started at my knee and moved up my thigh. He reached under me and tugging at my butt. I could feel his penis, all that deprecated us were the thin sheets. His mouth lowered to reach mine, the kiss was gentle but hungry. I flung the knife off the bed and returned the kiss. My hands lowering to feel his chest. I moaned in pleasure. His fingers reached my thin loincloth which he ripped off and then found my clit and he circled it pushing down hard. I hissed with ecastcy. I could feel my claws starting to grow I was beginning to shift, I clawed down his back, he inserted two fingers inside me and started to finger me. Rubbing my clit with his thumb.
“So close” I moaned. I rubbed harder I yelped as it started, I rocked my hips him.
“I need to fuck you” he whispered. I spread my legs, he whipped the sheets that had seperated us. Grabbing my waist he pulled me towards him, pulling me into him. He stopped for a moment stunned.
“have you ever done this before?” I smiled
“Nope… This would be the first time”
I grabbed him and rolled us over so I was on top.
“Then let me” he nodded. I ripped the cloth over my tits off. I placed his hands on them. With my hands on his chest. I pulled myself almost out of him, then slowly back in. With each rotation I began to get quicker until I was riding him fast and hard. He was grunting with pleasure. I didn’t wasn’t him just to explode so I stopped what I was doing instead I grinded against him, his hands rommed my body, my breasts, my waist my face. I lent down and kissed him, still grinding. The kiss was much more confident than before. He began to thrust inside me. “Yes! Oh yes. Don’t stop! Uhh! Fuck yes!” He began to push me over the edge of the bed. We tumbled to the ground where he was once again on top. He thrusters quickly and hard inside me. His kisses melting me as our tounges danced in our mouths. I started to scream as i orgasmed. I felt him cum inside me before he slumped next to me. Our mouths meeting in a lazy kiss.
“Prince caspian! Prince” yelled guards running towards the chamber.
“I’m fine! Don’t worry. I stubbed my toe is all”
“I’m fine! Now be gone with you captain. That’s an order”
“Sir.” Corused the men. When they were out of hearing distance I let out a small giggle.
“I will make my father pay for what you have lost” he whispered in my ear.
“Tomorrow. Tomorrow we can. But tonight your mine”
“Then you best get back on the bed” he said with a soft kiss.
“Sir” I said, mocking the guards. He smiled and our lips meeting, the dangerous game began again.

The nymph

The first time I saw him I was sat in my tree. Humming my buds into blossom, when I saw the human. He was staring strait at me. Very few humans ever see a nymph in their life, and that’s how we prefer it. But he made me stop. I had never seen a human up close, and he intiguiged me. It was something in his eyes, something dangerous, something powerful. I gently kept to beside my tree. Still humming. I walked over to him. When he seemed more sure of himself he said
“I’ve never met a nymph before”
He was incredibly handsome. Tall, well built, blonde. He rivalled the beauty of even our best male nymphs.
“Nor I a human, may I?” I outstretched my hands, he stared at me for a moment before nodding. Gently I closed my eyes and started to caress his face with my hands.
“Why have you closed your eyes?” He inquired, stopping ubruptly as my fingers passed over his, ever so slightly trembling lips.
“Shhh.” I whispered. “It is impossible to fully appreciate all that can be felt if you must listen and see too.” As I talked my hands lowered to his shoulders and torso, he had a lot of muscle. More than I have ever felt. My hands kept going, down the side of his legs, for even a virgin nymph knows to avoid certain areas, right down to his feet. But they weren’t feet. He had no toes for one. I opened my eyes. They were black. “What are these?” I asked with some distain.
“Shoes, they protect your feet.” He smiled
“Take them off, their unnatural” he frowned but decided to humor me.
“Now may I?” I took a moment.
“You may, but be warned I am a virgin by pledge, do not overstep you bounds human”
Nodding he began. He started on my forehead, feeling my hair, bringing his nose to it he smiled.
“You smell like honey” continuing he took a step forward until our body’s were touching. I could feel something pressing into my stomach but I ignored it as he continued, where his fingers touched started to tingle. Ever so gently he went over my lips and nose, to my pixie ears. Down my neck, I shivered and he smiled. His hands went down to my breasts. I should stop this, I reminded my self, but I had felt up this area of him, so logically, he had yet to overstep his bounds. But something strange was happening, his hands felt like fire and ice all at once. I knew he should stop, but I didn’t want his too. He left them with a caress that I thought was a squeeze, but I couldn’t be sure. He felt my waist and traced my belly. They curved round my lower back and slid down, lower and lower. He pressed his forehead to mine, his grey eyes never left mine, not once. His hands were on my arse cheeks and slowly squeezing as he did, he pulled me closer toward his crotch. Instantly I realise what the thing poking into my stomach was. I shoved him away, breathing hard, regaining my composure before he realised.
“You overstep your bounds human” barring my fangs. panting, the human nodded.
“Forgive me nymph. It will not happen again. Once more he brought his hands to touch my face. I held my gaze for a moment longer. Slowly, and more causiously then before, I stepped towards him. I kept my eyes locked with him, I wanted to be angry, but I wasn’t. Finally his fingers crossed over my eyes and I was forced to close them.
Quickly, his lips met mine his hands cupping my face to keep our lips locked. I didn’t open my mouth, forcefully he but down on my lip, I yelped, opening my mouth, he forced his tounge inside. And despite my best efforts, using my tounge to force his out, it was like out tounges were dancing. It was a pleasure I had never experienced before. I Wanted to bite him with my fangs, but mortalblood is said to be irresistible to us. He groaned, his tounge vibrated. I felt an unfamiliar stirring in my loins. I tried to push away, but he was incredibly strong. He pushed my up against my tree. One hand lowering to my arse, where he squeezed it again. Pulling my loins to his. His hands roamed me. They moved first to my hands, he pulled them up above me. I felt the rope tie around them, tight enough that I felt unconfident i could slip out. Without my hands I was at his mercy. He groped my breasts. I almost moaned, but stopped myself. He ripped my chlothes off, then stepped back to marvel at my naked beauty. As soon as his mouth was out of mine I spat. “You will pay for this human, not in this life, but in the next”
“Well then, I had best make it worthwhile. He took his shirt of I gaped. It was like he was carved by gods, I saw not one imperfection on his torso. He came back and kissed me gently. His hand trailed down my neck, to my pussy. He smiled,
“Seems our little virgin, is soaking wet” I trembled at his touch. He rubbed my clit. I hissed with pleasure. I began I raise my hips in time with him. Then he inserted his finger inside me. I began to moan with him, his thumb still rubbed me as 2 of his fingers slowly pushed imams out of me. This time, when his lips met mine I didn’t refuse. I didn’t have the willpower. I opened my mouth and returned his kiss with an urgency I had never felt before.
“Let me free” I begged. “I need to feel you” I tugged against the restraints, but to no avail. I could feel myself building to something big. But before I got there he stopped.
“I need to fuck you”
“My vows” I gasped. I watched I horror as he pulled his trousers down. He rubbed it against my clit. I trembled. My legs gave way, but the rope kept me upright. Then he looked at me.
“I want you to want this. Tell me you want my cock inside your pussy. Tell me you want me to break your vows.”
Before he could blink, I sunk my fangs into the side of his neck. I tasted like everything I had imagined and more. He yelped and then, as morals do, began to enjoy it. He pushed the back of my head towards him, urging me to drink more. I felt the rope give way, and realised he cut it. Quickly I put one hand to his penis and lead into to my pussy, then pushed him into me. Once he realised. He pushed further, it began to hurt. He came almost all the way out. Then forced himself back in. Soon enough the pain faded, replaced with pure pleasure. I grabbed him, forcing his neck towards me. His hands roamed. One started to rub my clit again. The other running through my hair. Cupping my butt and breasts. I moaned. Twitching I began to orgasm. Before it subsided I felt him cum in me. I pushed his neck away and he slumped on the tree next to me. Bleeding.
I reached up and pulled a blossom from my tree. I handed it to him.
“Chew this, it’ll help with the- I pointed to his blood soaked neck. He nodded and chewed it.
“So what’s you name?” He asked as he chewed.
“Daenaria, what’s your’s?”
“I broke my vows”
“I know… But given that they are now broken. How much would you object to me coming to see you again?”
“Like you said, their already broken, might as well make it worthwhile.” I bent over and kissed him, and with that the game began again.


I was dating his Best friend. he was dating my roomate. My BF went on holiday for three weeks. And my roomate was asleep in her room. Heath(my roomates boyfreind.) came round. And I wanted him. “Heath. Come here” I pulled him into a hug where I pressed my tits into him. The hug lasted a while before I pulled away. He took a minuet to take me in. I was in a skimpy top and a miniskirt. While he was watching I walked away. Slowly bending down to pick up the hoodie I had placed there. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I heated a small groan escape him. Coming back over to him I gave him another hug. I could feel a semi beneath his shorts. I smiled. “Come with me. I need your help” I pulled him upstairs into my room. “Ok so here’s the thing, I need to get rid of some chlothes. So I’m going to model my less favorite chlothes and your going to help me decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Ok?”
“You called me over to go through chlothes?”
“Normally I would get jake. But he’s not here. Or my roomate. But she’s asleep. And this has got to be done today”
“Fine go on then”
I smiled. Then took a deep breath. I whipped off my top. I wasn’t wearing a bra.
“What are you doing!?!” I looked at him like he was a moron.
“Changing. Duh.” I grinned as he stared at them. His erection was now clear in his trousers. “You look like you’ve never seen breasts before?” Despite my sister being a year older they had never got past first base because my roomate was fridgid. I took mine in my hands and slowly rubbed my errect nipples. I began to play with them. Moaning with pleasure. I closed my eyes and leant back. Fingering my nipples and making orgasm noises. I leant forward to him. Rubbing my hand against him rock hard cock and forcing his hands on my breasts. I lay on the bed next to him and began to pleasure myself in front of him. Moaning and moaning.
“This is bad” he mumbled. I rubbed against him. Placing his hand on my clit.
“Yes. Bad. Dirty. I’m a dirty whore. And I want you to treat me like one. Fuck me. Make me writh. Hurt me. Mark me!” I yelled
“Oh my fuck you so fucking sexy. You filthy slut.”
“Does this turn you on. Doing it so close to your girlfriend? Does it make you feel dirty?”
“Yes. Yes it does.”
I saw him unzip his trousers and lower his boxers. Quickly. He began rubbing himself over me. I ripped his top off and kissed him. Slowly pushing him down so I was on top of him. “Treat me like a slut” I whispered. “Do what you want to me. Anything”
“Ride me. Fucking ride me” he moaned. I grinned. “Yes!!”
I quickly angled my dripping pussy on top of him, slowly and forcefully I pushed him in. And he was big. At least 8 inches. And thick. Thicker than I had seen. It took my cunt a few moment to adjust to the size. It was used to my boyfriends 6 incher. I moaned. Beginning to ride him slowly. It didn’t take long for him to start moaning. “Faster you whore!”
“Yes! Yes. Yes!” We began grunting. I came first then he did. I slid off him. But to my excitement. We wernt done. “Finger yourself you slut” I nodded and kissed him. I began to finger myself with one hand and rub my clit with the other. The my fingers were moved and he began to lick me out. And he was good. Using my feet I pushed him deeper inside. He pushed a finger in my pussy and sucked on my clit. Then he slid another finger in. Then I felt one enter my arse. I moaned and grunted. And began to orgasm. Again and again. Then he stood up. Rock hard. I took his hand and he took me to the bathroom where he put me down on the sink and began to fuck me again. I was sat on the sink, my legs round him as he pounded me. The door was open and i had a perfect view down the hall. Which is why i saw my roomate getting out her room and seeing us. Her face paled. But she just stood there. Didnt move a muscle. He started going slower. But much harder. I was practically dripping juices. He was fucking me while his girlfriend watched. The taboo was almost too much to bear. I grunted with every movement. “Your a filthy slut”
“Yes. Yes I am. Filthy. Fuck me harder” I said. Looking strait at here. Our eyes locked.
“Yes miss” he began again pounding into me. I was practically screaming. We came together with one final scream. He kissed me so softly I thought I would melt. My eyes were open watching her. Silently, she went back to her room. But I was too turned on. And an idea started to form. I smiled.
“Come with me” I instructed.
“I thought I was in charge” he chuckled.
I just smiled. Dismounted the sink and grabbed his hand. I took heath to outside em’s door. He looked nervous. “Wait here”
I walked into em’s room. My roomate. Heaths girlfriend. She was blonde. Sturdy. And very hot. And crying her eyes out. I closed the distance quickly. My naked form making her look up and linger. Why are you crying.
“Because he just… Cheated on me. With you. Is it my fault. Because I’m not ready for our relationship to… Go there yet?”
“Bullshit. I think you crying because you liked it. Because you want him. Because you want me. Because you don’t know what to do.”
“…no… I…”
My hand began to slide under her skirt. She wasn’t wearing underwear. And she was soaked through. “Liar” I whispered. My lips inches from hers. I started to finger her clit she gasped. But began to rock her hips against me. “Oh god” she moaned. She started grunting and shaking. I could see she was about to go. So I stopped. “What do you want? Really what? What do you ache for?”
“Cock! I want a cock in my pussy! So bad. So fucking bad” Heath managed to get his que right and came in. I started to slowly finger her until he reached her and they kissed. My roommate was a virgin. But not for much longer. Heath slowly put his penis in her hole and pushed his way inside. She moaned in pain as he began to rock against her. She was laid down. Her legs dangling off the end of the bed. He was stood up slowly forcing himself in and out of her. I was so turned on I wanted to be touched. So I straddled her face. “Lick me!” She grunted and dove inside me. It didn’t take long for all three of us to start moaning. I came first and she lapped up all my juices like a pro. She came next. Bucking against him as she did. He came inside her last. Then flopped against the bed.


I really did have to go shopping, it wasn’t like mum was coming home from her new boyfriends soon, and my cupboard was starting to get bare. It was at the sketchy, you must shop either today or tomorrow, kind of stage. But the rain was pouring, and it was already darkening.

To hell with it, I’m to Horny to shop anyway. Then my thoughts drifted to where they always did, to Chase, my best friend- who I was completely head over heels for, not that he realised of course.

I moaned to myself, feeling my thoughts drift and my head spinning, I plodded upstairs. like most 17 year olds, when I had a spare ten minutes my plan always lead to wanking, girl or not, everyone does it.

I lay on my bed, unbuttoning my jeans, I could feel myself already wet with anticipation, I thought of chase, his smile, his lips, his chest. Slowly my hand slipped under my underwear, as I thought of Chase’s dick, what it would be like to hold it, to feel it inside my pussy, ramming harder and harder, hitting my g-spot and making me cum. This is what I thought of as I began to rub my clit, first gently then harder, faster. The thoughts of Chase getting me heated up and on the edge of Cumming before I had even grabbed my vibrator.

I gasped in pleasure, beginning to moan, feeling myself go. Then the doorbell rang. I froze, a whimper on my lips. Rolling my eyes I pulled out of my pants and buttoned my jeans. Hopping off the bed to answer the door, my dripping fingers stuffed into my pocket.

It was Chase, he barged in, tears streaming.

"What happened?"

"Lucy’s was cheating on me, I saw her. I went to confront her and she broke up with me. She said she felt unappreciated with me because you and I was a couple"


"She thought there was something going on between us, isn’t that crazy?"

"I…" I could feel myself getting wetter by the second, I was one screw loose of jumping him right there,

"You do think us two together is crazy right?"

"Uh… I… well…" I had nothing, no back up; I felt my whole body sway towards him. I practically leapt on him, knocking us both onto the sofa. My lips were on his before he could blink, I could feel my jeans starting to dampen with more cum. My tongue was in his mouth, my fingers rustling through his hair, my other hand slipping up his top.

"What are you doing" he whispered as my lips left his and I began to suck on his Adams apple. "Stop it" he mumbled, his voice dripping with dark desire, one of my hands began to undo his shirts buttons, the other leading his hand under my top, to my naked breast. He continued to complain softly, as his thumb moved over my nipple, he hand starting to squeeze. I felt his cock hard under his shorts, my hand finding its way to the button on his shorts. Opening it with ease my hand slipped happily inside, where I could feel his dick in my hand. I began to rub it, as his spare hand began to tangle itself into my hair. "Stop" it was his last mumble of complaint as he flipped over so he was on top, it was almost a shove. For a horrifying moment I thought he would leave as he sat up. But he ripped his top off, before, slowly pulling mine off too. He stared at my breasts for what felt like forever. "Fuck" he whispered, shaking his head, "How did I never notice them" Then his lips were on mine again, his tongue streaked in my mouth, his hand lowering from my breasts, tracing my tummy and sliding under my jeans, I have no idea how he got the button off. His fingers circled my clit and I gasped in pleasure. He began to circle harder.

"More" I moaned, "More!"

He rubbed faster and faster as my arms snaked round his neck, my hips arching to get the full pleasure from his fingers. I moaned- rocking against him. My body began to twitch and I knew I was just seconds away, “Chase. Chase I’m…. about to…. FUCK” I felt myself go, but he didn’t stop, if anything he rubbed harder against my clit. Fingering it through my first orgasm. “Fuck, oh my god yes, Chase don’t stop, yes, baby YES!”

I sighed happily as it finished, but it wasn’t like when I touched myself usually. I was still Horny- like really Horny. “Fuck me” I whispered in his ear, nibbling the lobe. “Chase, Fuck me now! Right now.”

He mumbled something that sounded like a no, but I was too far gone, my hips rocking against his groin, besides, he may have said no but that’s not what his body said. Slowly I rolled us over so his back was to the couch. His shorts and boxers came off without complaint. His cock bounced up like a recoiled spring. I barely hesitated; I practically ripped my jeans and lace underwear off.

Returning to the sofa I straddled him, watching him the whole time, he didn’t react, at all. Not until I held his cock, slowly leading it towards my pussy, before I pushed his cock in, I rubbed it through my clit a few times for good measure. A small moan escaped me. He flinched, I thought he would say no at that point, until the moment I pushed his dick into my pussy. Then his eyes glazed over and I knew I wouldn’t receive a complaint from him. I slid him all the way in, then, just slowly at first; I sat up on my knees, pushing him almost all the way out, before dropping back down onto him. He gasped. I began to speed up, getting faster; I grabbed one of his hands and pushed it onto my breast, pushing his other back down to my clit. I began to moan and whimper because of his fingers, I slammed back down onto his cock and hit my G-spot.

I arched my hips and angled myself into him. His hands found their way to my hips, he slammed me up and down, before long he started to moan in pleasure-

“Yes, uh Chase that’s it, don’t stop, YES, CHASE YES, oh fuck yes, baby keep going, oh FUCK YES” soon enough my words became grunts and moans,

He looked up at me with his gorgeous grey eyes- “I- baby I’m Cumming- your making me cum, you’re so tight I’m-”

“Harder, Chase harder, FUCKING HARDER- baby, UHH YES!! UHHH”

He started to pull out of me, but I slammed back down on his pulsing cock, “Cum inside me baby, I want you to cum inside me” I rammed his dick in and out of my pussy while rocking my hips- hitting my g-spot every time. Then I felt something warm explode inside me. Sighing happily as we came together, I slumped next to him. “Fuck” he swore.